Meet The Team

Leon Flint

LEON FLINT - President 

Leon is President of Flint Furano and has been doing business in Japan for over 30 years. His background is in banking and real-estate investing throughout Asia-Pacific, A keen skier, Leon was amongst the first international investors to be attracted to Hokkaido when its main resorts began to open in the 1980's.  Like many, he was initially drawn to resorts in the south of Hokkaido, however, the superior amenity of central Hokkaido, and in particular Furano, subsequently captured his attention. In 2013, Leon moved to Furano and formed Flint Furano, to focus on unlocking the potential he recognised in this location.  


TIM BORRESON - Vice President 

Tim leads Flint Furano's property and accommodation management  operations, focussing in particular on the company's luxury Furano Lofts and Chalet development. A resident of Furano for over 15 years, Tim brings considerable local knowledge and operational experience to our team. Day-to-day, Tim is very visible onsite at Furano Lofts and Chalet, ensuring that our international clientele is well taken care of.  Being something of a 'foodie', Tim also loves to share his knowledge of local specialities and where best to enjoy them.

Ben Flint

BEN FLINT - Chief Marketing Officer

Ben applies his unique regional-Asia understanding, keen entrepreneurial spirit and extensive industry experience, working for major brands such as RedBull and Boost Mobile, to Flint Furano's marketing initiatives.  This ensures that the Company continuously innovates and improves its public interface. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Ben is also a popular point of contact with our many mainland Chinese guests staying at the Company's luxury Furano Lofts and Chalet development in Furano's exclusive Shimogoryo district.

About Us

45 Years and Counting

Our management team collectively has more than 45 years of direct, on-the-ground experience in Japan and throughout Asia-Pacific.  This enables us to apply unique market perspectives to the timing, scope and execution of our projects. We are recognised for identifying trends 'ahead of the pack'.  This is the 'edge' that Flint Furano delivers .

Design and Build Excellence

With every project, Flint Furano's design and build  teams work tirelessly together to deliver on our commitment to excellence. Spaces are combined intelligently to maximise light, function and enjoyment and beautiful fittings and fixtures serve to further enhance the ambiance of our properties.  We are also unfailing in our attention to detail and build quality. "Near enough" is never good enough for Flint Furano.

Flint Furano Cares

Flint Furano prioritises the use of locally sourced materials and finishes in every one of its projects, and uses local craftsmen of the highest quality to execute its plans. In this way the Company supports the local Furano community.  Flint Furano also 'gives back' via local volunteer activities, including support of the Furano Tourism Association's Ski Host program.